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Face to Face material

Face to Face Training Materials (for Trainers)

The two courses developed by the EMERGE project, The Citizen Empowerment Course and the Capacity Building Training Programme for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs), provide comprehensive materials specifically designed for potential trainers in these fields. These resources, including detailed lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, worksheets, and assessment exercises, equip trainers with the necessary tools for effective delivery of content related to each course. The modular structure of the courses, with flexible durations, allows trainers to tailor the content to their group’s learning needs.

EMERGE - Resources


The online Toolkit provides a comprehensive set of resources, including checklists, tools, templates and additional resources, designed to empower CSOs (Civil Society Organizations) and their staff in effectively executing critical components of their responsibilities and operations. From project management to mentoring, communication, and advocacy, this toolkit serves as a valuable resource to enhance the efficiency and success of CSO endeavors.

EMERGE - Videos


During the project life cycle 5 videos will be produced with interviews of representatives working on: Education, Human Rights and Inclusion, Gender and Active Citizen will present the project and their activities.

#1 The role of society in an apolitical environment

What are the reasons and parameters that limit the participation and influence of citizens in the commons, how can the organizations of society be a pillar of activity and control at a time when the citizen is far from and does not trust Politics? What are the challenges they face and to what extent can they ultimately influence important decisions? In the first episode of Pints of Politics – Civil Society Edition, Antonis and Panos discuss the role of society in the development of Democracy with the sociologist Nikos Peristianis and the communication manager of CARDET, Savva Charalambous.

#2 Gender equality, new stereotypes and challenges in sex education

In Pints of Politics, Civil Society Edition, with Susanna Pavlou from the Mediterranean Institute for Gender Studies and Maria Epaminondas from the Family Planning Association, we discuss gender equality, sex education, the bill that made femicide a crime and gender stereotypes. How far have we gone on equality issues? Are quotas in politics necessary? What opposition has there been to the promotion of sex education? How much can it help and what else needs to be done? Have we overcome gender stereotypes or are they just changing form?

#3 The challenges in Education today

In the third discussion in the Pints of Politics – Civil Society Edition series we’re running with BlackLemonTV via @EMERGE we look at the challenges and realities in Education.

#4 Human Rights Under Constant Challenge – Pints Of Politics – Civil Society Edition – S04E09

With the Professor of International Law and Human Rights at the University of Cyprus, Aris Konstantinidis, we discuss – on the occasion and current affairs – about human rights. How did Kyriakos Mitsotakis manage to pass the marriage equality bill so bloodlessly and what should Cyprus do? Is it justified to withdraw a book, as was done in a kindergarten in Cyprus, because it contains references or images of same-sex couples? What is the fine line between the right to privacy and surveillance, and how does a teacher’s right to freedom of expression weigh against a child’s right to equal treatment? Can majorities determine the rights of minorities and how did we get to anti-immigrant pogroms?

#5 EMERGE Recap Video

Over the last two years, the EMERGE – Empowering Civic Engagement and participation project has developed a set of structured learning resources and tools, as well as hosted numerous workshops, webinars, public consultations and outreach events – all to connect with active citizens and representatives of Cypriot CSO organisations and government officials.


The EMERGE: EMpowERinG civic Engagement and participation project benefits from a grant under the Active Citizens Fund Cyprus programme,funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, through the EEA and Norway Grants 2014-2021. [Project Number: 29_ACF CY_CARDET]

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